First Time Home Buyer

First Time home buyers

It’s time to take the next step and buy your first home. Where to begin, you ask? By and large we find ourselves scouring the internet for real estate listings and then driving by potential homes only to find that it’s been sold, or doesn’t live up to those beautiful online photos. Here’s the good […]

Smart Homes: The Future of Homeownership


Traveling back to the 1960s, homeowners were just beginning to enjoy the luxury of having a television in the home.  The families of the 1990s experienced the convenience of owning their very own computer. Fast forward to 2016, and not only has technology advanced in the way of entertainment, but it has become a part […]

Tiny Home Trend

tiny home

Flipping through the television channels and social media, you may have noticed that many people are shifting towards downsizing their living space. Shows like Tiny House, Big Living and Tiny House Nation document the trending transition to tiny homes. So why are so many Americans jumping on the tiny home bandwagon? According to, the […]

Down Payment Resource

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Down payment money is out there. Let’s find it. Down payment programs can help you save on your down payment and buy sooner! Let’s work together to determine your options. Down Payment Resource is a free tool that uncovers programs and eligible properties that fit your personal situation. How it works Look for the $ […]

Why Use a Realtor in a Competitive Real Estate Market

Looking to see

With the housing demand exceeding the supply in markets across the U.S., home buyers may be facing quite the challenge to find the perfect home this spring. The total housing inventory at the end of February 2016 was 1.88 million, 1.1 percent lower than last year leaving us with an unbalanced market between home buyers […]

Why a VA loan? Why not ?

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When you are looking for the best, lowest mortgage rate, the VA home loan is where it’s at. The VA loan program is the most powerful home loan program on the market for many veterans, service members and military families (Active Duty, Retired, and Disabled). These flexible, government backed loans are offered with significant benefits […]

5 Ways Sellers Prepare Homes for the Spring Market

5 Ways Sellers Prepare Homes for the Spring Market (2)

It’s no secret that spring is the busiest time for home buying and selling. Homeowners planning to put their homes on the market should start preparing NOW! Following these few easy tips can make for a much smoother selling experience. If you are a prospective home seller, here are a few guidelines to help you […]